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Hi, my name is Ann-Marie, I’m a sport and exercise nutritionist and I help people to make changes to their diet to match their goals. Whether you’re a gym goer or a competing athlete, I can help you. 



Nutrition support

Are you consistent with your training and you now want to see some performance results for your hard work? Or maybe you want to get the balance right between fuelling your training and reaching your body composition goals.


I deliver talks face to face and via webinar. This includes sports clubs and teams, community groups and corporate environments.

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Some recent blog posts

How to find your calorie deficit for fat loss

A calorie deficit is where we are taking in fewer calories than what we are burning. And over time, this will lead to weight loss (fat loss whilst preserving muscle is the ideal). You might notice that weight loss articles suggest that you minus an arbitrary number like 300-500 calories from your maintenance calories. However,

How can active females maximise iron intake?

Females who are involved in regular intense training are vulnerable to low iron stores. Iron is required for producing red blood cells which transport oxygen around the body. Iron deficiency anaemia is when there is a reduction in the number of red blood cells from lack of iron. There are several factors that can impact

Nutrition for your young athlete

A young athlete needs: Enough calories to support growth as well as the extra demands of their sport.   Enough carbohydrate to fuel their activities and to ensure that they recover in between sessions. Enough protein for growth, repair and building tissues. A varied diet including lots of fruits and vegetables to get all the

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