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Hi, my name is Ann-Marie, I’m a sport and exercise nutritionist and I help people to make changes to their diet to match their goals. Whether you’re a gym goer or a competing athlete, I can help you. 



Nutrition support

Are you consistent with your training and you now want to see some performance results for your hard work? Or maybe you want to get the balance right between fuelling your training and reaching your body composition goals.


I deliver talks face to face and via webinar. This includes sports clubs and teams, community groups and corporate environments.

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Do you train early morning, mid-morning or late afternoon/evening? When and what should you eat based on the time of day? What if you like to train first thing in the morning and you have a very small window of time between getting up and arriving at training? Should you eat anything at all?  

High Antioxidant Foods Versus Supplements

An antioxidant is chemical compound that protects cells or delays some cell damage from the effects of free radicals. Free radicals are generated with the breakdown of food, when we exercise vigorously, when exposed to pollutants like cigarette smoke or radiation. Free radicals damage cells and can play a role in disease. However, the body

How can active females maximise iron intake?

Females who are involved in regular intense training are vulnerable to low iron stores. Iron is required for producing red blood cells which transport oxygen around the body. Iron deficiency anaemia is when there is a reduction in the number of red blood cells from lack of iron. There are several factors that can impact

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